“Follow the Child”

Etched in my consciousness is “Follow the Child” from my Montessori years teaching grades 4-6.

For me, it never meant “walk behind and be co-pilot”. And heavens no…it never ever meant “close your eyes and follow”.

Adults need to be adults. We have experience, which is key.

But have we not lost some measure of freshness, of innocence?
How often do we practice seeing clearly and telling the truth?
Telling it like it is?

For me, Follow the Child means OBSERVE.

So here we are.

Observe — stop, look and listen.
Be silent, Be humble.

What are children pointing to?
What are children pointing to
in themselves, in us?

Let’s ALL Open the Heart
and tell the truth.

No more hiding.
No more lies.

Water Spoke

Calling long and deep
into the bottomless well of me,
my heart, I posed a wordless question
that water–free–be invited to speak.

So I listened I paused I listened–
opened and dissolved
fear in me.

Water of my hands
woke up, sprung up.

Water of my feet.

Water of my eyes,
my brain.

There were no parts of me
my invitation was not reaching.

Little baby faces all that water was–
and each, an innocence,
a living breathing star.

And therein
other starry lights.

Green and azure golden
shot high and all around me.

Rainbows spinning, under and over-lacing,
composed a heaven’s tapestries.

To Action

Let this be spark to compassionate action.
The exercise of natural freedom.

Break attachments, break from safety,
from the shores of who you think you are.

Set sail with your faith.

Set sail with your soul song,
join with saints and strangers,
harmoniously singing.

Be ALL as One

Brothers and sisters,
of a wild and free nature —
none of you are not invited.

Friends at heart, all are welcome!

Who shall be chief navigator?

Trace with sensitive fingers maps the Universe concocts.
As we navigate, we invent.

We are destined exactly
to inhabit a New Earth.

Who brings gifts of intuitive knowing?

Let’s not draw straws.

Every single she and he of us
is a guiding star.

Let us begin convergent conversations of stars.

You who choose to stay behind, we shall love you.
We love you, and we shall be on our way.

Many of you have had good intentions,
have spoken authentically, enthusiastically.

And still you do not wish to enter in.
Each in his or her own time.

Others of you have voiced opposition,
demonstrated resistance.

Some others — stuck in apathy,
in numbness, in powerlessness.

Is fear of bodily death
the ultimate stopping?

What is living if living itself
is death?

Are you one who has ears
to hear?

Are you that very passenger
ready to disavow, to disembark?

Have you awakened
to your heart’s whispering?

Let us begin.