Saturday ~ February 15th 3:00-4:30
Cottonwood Old Town Plaza
753 N. Main St. Cottonwood (corner of 4th and Main)

Please park in the back and follow the signs to Yoga Rm F6

This fun, non-judgmental, musically safe workshop is suited for all.
No prior experience is necessary.

In this workshop, have fun engaging with…

* Mindful Breathing technique, based on the latest teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh
* Ice Breaker activities sure to get the Fun & Flow Heart Connections happening
* Group Empowerment Drumming with Frame/Hoop Drums (we circle up)
* The True Rhythmical Song of the Heart (felt pulse is only some of that story)
* Breathwalking 2-step ~ a powerful modality for generating Inner Peace & Power

Cost: $10 at the door. All drums provided. You may bring your own drum.
Class full at 15 persons. Reserve your spot today.

Please text your name to 607-279-6314
or Email:

Please arrive a few minutes before 2 pm, as we will begin promptly.


EVENTS from 2019


SATURDAY ~ JUNE 29th 20TH 2-3:30 PM

Combining Mindful Walking with Mindful Breathing as one rhythmical form is a powerfully transformative modality. In this class, learn Lansing’s unique modality called BREATH-WALK.

Lansing first learned of this idea through the work of Khalsa & Bhajan, their book BREATHWALK. Their method is centered on 4-step marching. In 2013, Dr. Andrew Weil posted a you tube, presenting Dr. Jim Nicolai teaching this form:


In this class Lansing teaches a modified form, based simply on “2-stepping”. He believes that this form is more closely aligned with the way we bipeds learned to walk. Further, that the 4-step marching form (“hep two three four”) is inherently unstable and at last, ungrounds the body.

In this class, discover how balanced, wholistic BREATH-WALK in 2-step generates a feeling of peacefulness, joyfulness, resiliency, and authentic natural power. Flow State. 2-stepping also can be used to express the true “lub-dub” rhythms of the heart. Lansing will teach a SIMPLE, non-western, aboriginal expression of heartbeat in walking.

Whether you are taking a walk first thing in the morning, preparing for your day, winding down at end of day, or taking a break anytime BREATH-WALK can help you re-tune, relax, and supercharge. We believe BREATH-WALK has potential as a powerful healing modality, with a wide range of applications.

During the class, participants will receive a simple write-up of the basic forms presented, with useful terms and suggestions for how to be creative, have fun, and “make it your own”.

DONATIONS are appreciated.

Please arrive a few minutes before 2 pm, so we can begin promptly.

Directions: Old Town Plaza in Cottonwood is also called The Healing Arts Center.
Find a map, showing its location here:

Please park in rear of building and enter at main entrance.
Follow our signs to Rm F6. There will be a sign on the door.



753 North Main St (corner of Main and 4th)
Saturday, Dec. 22, 2018 1pm-3pm (Rm F6)

In this workshop — begin with warming up, relaxing, and dropping any concerns of the day. Get to know one another in the group through fun, cooperative rhythm-making with animal-skin frame drums (provided).

Together, we’ll lock into the natural, holistic rhythms of the body. Be free! Let your body talk! Be expressive. Drop judgments about “getting it right”. Anyone can participate and have fun! No prior experience drumming is needed.

From this place of unity and fun, the experiential, Breathwalking teachings unfold.


* Learn one, simple, aboriginal (non-western) rhythmic pattern which will be the foundation for our learning experiences. This form is also the root to uncovering the body’s balanced, holistic way of experiencing the true rhythm of the heart, which we will see is not the felt-pulse.

* Discover how this core pattern with its heartbeat form can be powerfully applied to transformative experiences of mindful breathing/mindful walking — a practice called “Breathwalking”. With a slow pace, we’ll practice, walking about in the room. Four powerful breathwalking forms will be presented.

*Receive print materials to help you in your new practice;
MP3 rhythm tracks will be available for download and/or a CD.

The over-arching purpose of this Breathwalking workshop is to have fun and connect at heart with self and others–while learning a new wellness practice. This unique practice can be used whenever you walk. Use breathwalking as a practical tool for generating a strong foundation of peacefulness, harmony and resilience within. With deeper peacefulness and greater resiliency we can more effectively shine our own light brightly.

$15 at the door. Under twelve–$10. Five and under–free.
Do you have questions? Direct inquiries to
or call Lansing at 607-279-6314
Class: Up to 15 persons.

Meets at Cottonwood Old Town Plaza, AKA Healing Arts Center

Rm F6 ~ Park in back lot; once entering building, follow signs to Rm F6.

** Frame Drums will be provided; bring your own if you wish **


(corner of Main and 4th St.)
Saturday, July 28th 12:30-2 (Rm F6)

Heart Song Drumming is hosting a WATER focused Group Empowerment Drumming Event for ALL ages: DRUM FOR WATER. Together, through improvisational, rhythmical expression we will send our Love and Appreciation to WATER, to the life force of water in our own bodies, and to water all around the Earth. We will create as we go, with drumming statements and vocals.

Water from the Verde River and from the three ponds at Dead Horse State park will be central to our circle. In this event it will continue with the format which evolved spontaneously at the Drum For Water event in Sedona in April.
The circle will be primarily a circle of women, with men in a supportive role.

Attendees are invited to bring water from home or from any source. At the conclusion of the event, we’ll return the “blessed waters” to their respective homes, as positive seeds to grow.

Water everywhere so needs us humans to step up, stand up at this time. To be stewards with conviction. We can help by singing out with our rhythmical spirits, joining together powerfully.

Frame drums and some djembes will be available to share. Bring you own, if you wish.

Love donations appreciated.


A Drum Circle Celebrating Community
for All Ages (5-105)Intergenerational

Thursday May 31st, 7:00-8:30 pm
The Sedona Community Center
2615 Melody Lane
Sedona AZ

Our purpose is to Celebrate Community through bringing together children, families, friends, and seniors–All Ages, everyone — to freely express, be creative and support one another, building bridges of understanding, and generating peacefulness and happiness within.

In this Group Drumming event, choose from an eclectic array of percussion from around the world— A ten-person Gathering Drum, African Djembes, Native American Frame drums, Bongos and more. Meet “Grandmother” frog and her grandbaby, a duet of beautiful croaking voices from Vietnam. Engage with “Shaker” voices from Central and South America and from Africa. Play finger cymbals (Tingsha) from Tibet. Grasshoppers from Pakistan and Thailand.

Everyone will have an instrument to play. Bring your own percussion, if you’d like.

This Intergenerational Drumming event is the first of an ongoing series to be offered monthly on a designated day and time at The Sedona Community Center. Stay tuned!

10$ at the door for adults ~ 5$ for children under 12
20$ max per family


DRUM FOR WATER: A Community Drum Circle
to benefit Charity Water ~

Saturday, April 14th ~ 10:30-11:30 am
The Sedona Community Center
2615 Melody Lane, Sedona, AZ

$5 per person at the door ~ Maximum of $20 per family
Larger donations much appreciated.
This Community Drum Circle event is Family Focused and for ALL AGES.

Charity Water is committed to meeting the needs of those in developing countries who are without safe, clean drinking water. 100% of donations go directly to fund community-owned water projects. At this time, Charity Water has helped over 7 million people. There are over 600 million who still need help.

This GROUP EMPOWERMENT DRUMMING Experience is fun and engaging. No prior music or drumming experience is need. All percussion will be provided. Everyone will have an instrument to play.

HAVE FUN playing Rhythm Instruments from Around the World!
Native American Frame Drums, African Drums and much more!
Bring your own percussion instrument, if you’d like.

Let’s come together and DRUM FOR WATER!

Hope to see you there. Please help us help Charity Water
in their mission. Help by getting the word out. Thank you.

Directions: From Rt 89A in West Sedona, turn at Harmony Drive.
Take the first right onto Melody Lane. The Center is on the immediate
corner, on right. Look for the water-blue balloons!