Mission and Story

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Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is Lansing Day. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce our programs to you.

Our core mission is to assist in soul-self-actualization — to help people remember their true nature. To help people become free, to heal and positively grow. Our aim is to promote the human values of peacefulness, cooperation, inner power, and compassion toward self and others.

We achieve this through facilitating experiences of Group Empowerment Drumming, and by teaching the skills of Mindful Breathing and Walking, synchronized together.

We believe that our natural, human impulse to be playful and creative, while sharing our freely expressive hearts with others, simply needs an invitation to show up. A safe place to be. We promote that sort of environment of trust, of non-judgment.

What is Group Empowerment Drumming?

In short, it is a Community Drum Circle which is fun, highly interactive, and powerfully connecting. Everyone has a rhythm instrument to play. There are many ways in–many ways to embark on a rhythmical journey together. It all depends on the desired outcome.

In effect, the experience is altogether shaped by the creative spirit of members of the group. Jumping into the groove is easy. No special musical talent is needed. The beats are catchy. Spontaneity flows.


My story

Having begun formal study of the West African Djembe in 1993 with Master Drummer Maurice Haltom of Ithaca, NY, in 2005 I felt drawn to take my energy and passion for drumming into the field of wellness and community building; I began drum circle facilitator training.

As a consultant and professional Drum Circle Facilitator, since 2006 I’ve facilitated numerous wellness and community building group events, working with many populations with a variety of needs. These include colleges and elementary schools (students and staff), businesses, Elder communities (Assisted Living, Memory Care & Nursing Care), youth at risk, adults in recovery, Veterans Hospitals, and communities which assist and educate children and adults with special needs.

I am a certified HealthRHYTHMS facilitator. What is HealthRHYTHMS?
Click and scroll down for a video presentation: http://remo.com/experience/post/healthrhythms/

I have also been a student of Arthur Hull of Village Music Circles (Santa Cruz, CA) http://villagemusiccircles.com/

Over the years I have evolved my own style and methodology, based on these teachings.

In 2013, I moved to Northern Arizona. My team and I are now offering programs to individuals and communities in the Cottonwood/Sedona areas, Flagstaff, Prescott, and Phoenix with some travel wider afield.

Some of our Arizona clients (past and present) include: Rainbow Acres Ranch (adults with developmental delay), The Sanctuary at Sedona (drug alcohol and trauma rehab); Sedona Winds, Cottonwood Village, Austin House (Memory Care); Cupertino Power Learning Academy (children with autism); Mountain Valley Prep, Sedona Charter School, Yavapai County Juvenile Probation, Yavapai Community College, Prescott VA Medical Center, Northern AZ Hospice and more.

Our Group Empowerment Drumming programs include a wellness focused Rhythms for Wellness and Drum Wellness (specifically designed for Elders). Our core mission here is to help build a strong sense of community–generating happiness, well-being and connections at heart, and while having fun at the same time.

What might a “spontaneous breakout” Community Drum Circle look like?

Here, co-creating fun and smiles — drumming with children at a local park. https://vimeo.com/162451255

And with Elders at Walden Place, Cortland NY. Our company’s first incarnation
as Sound Circles ~ “Rhythm Workshop”


DRUM FOR NATURE (1-3 hours)

Tailored for any age, the primary purpose of Drum For Nature is to generate a rhythmical group energy and send our collective appreciation and love to Nature.

Each session has a theme chosen by the group. We might focus our loving attention on the Sun, for example; on Source, Moon, Water, Air, Plants or Animals. We human are an integral part of Nature. We could send our appreciation and love to human beings. Perhaps a family member of a participant is in need, is sick or otherwise struggling.

We could choose the theme of Peace, Friendship, or Love.

Whatever the group choice may be, participants create short, affirming statements which we then integrate into the energy of rhythm-making, using our voices. Other artful additions could be included, such as free movement, poetry or art making.

There are many options and variations of formats here. Anything is possible. For example, we could primarily feature girls, young women or women as leading, taking center of the circle, with boys, young men or men taking on a supportive role.


Our NEWEST program centers on teaching the skill of Mindful Breathing & Walking, linked together, rhythmically.

This group experience (1.5 to 3 hours) may include drums or not.

With drums, participants learn the ABCs of Frame and Single-Stick Drumming (Native American). The experience is highly interactive and energizing and is centered on core, holistic (non-western) rhythmic forms, which in my experience arise out of simple, natural, two-step walking and the waltz-like (in flowing 6 pulse) “lub-dub-rest” rhythm of the heart.

Without drums, we can delve deeply into these core ideas, getting in rhythmical flow with one another, through making rhythms with our bodies ~ clapping, tapping, finger-snapping, and with all manner of creative rhythmical fun.

Of course, when we walk, we must breathe.

The first step in going from “just walking” is to notice the natural relationship between the two. Where the steps fall, in relation to where inhale and exhale happen.

From here, our experience can be shaped by what sort of patterns we may already be making. Thinking in approximations — do we inhale with one, two steps or three? Exhale with two, three or more?

Our teachings grow out of the idea that we bipedal humans (aware or not) naturally breathe and walk in patterns. Many experience, for example, that our exhale is consistently longer than our inhale.

We teach that when we consciously experience the movement of inhale and exhale with our walking, as a integrated relationship — as a powerful dance of “call and response” — we are brought powerfully Home to the Body. To the timeless Now Moment.

We believe that while we are engaged with this practice of breathing and walking in repeated pattern, we become more awake, more mindful. We concentrate in a more focused way; we can look more deeply within ourselves. We can have useful insights; we gain clarity. We heal.

The simple forms we teach are not rigid, but in themselves flexible and fluid. Further, anyone can invent his or her own forms with the simple knowledge of
2-stepping, with left foot or right foot leading.

Verbal affirmations, short prayers or mantras can be incorporated in the exhale, silently in one’s head, to “super-power” enhance the beneficial effects.

With learning the skills of Mindful Breathing and Walking, participants come away with the invitation and inspiration to begin their own explorations and practice.

Walking this way need not take up much of your time. Simply walking mindfully this way from your home to your car or to the bus stop can be beneficial.

We believe that this mindfulness practice has limitless power for forwarding personal growth–for generating peacefulness, joy, personal freedom, resiliency, and Flow State.

For awakening the Life of the SOUL.



MORE on Group Empowerment Drumming and our environment

In our all our programming, establishing a circle environment of safety, equality, non-judgement and fun is hugely important for achieving a successful outcome, with smiles, heart connections and positivity blossoming.

There is no such thing as a “rhythm klutz”. We all are naturally rhythmical. Do not believe anyone who says you are not rhythmical. Most especially, do not believe yourself. Truth is–you are wholly and perfectly rhythmical, simply by being alive and human.

We believe that there is enduring truth in the statements: ALL are connected. One is ALL. ALL LIFE is intimately, interdependently related. When drumming together, in a supportive way, our awareness opens up to the power of these truths.

Group Empowerment Drumming has proven to be an effective wellness and community building modality. Yet, not all rhythm circles are alike. Our programming is set apart in that it is solely about freedom of expression; it’s not about creating “proper rhythmical song”.

It is not about drumming or rhythm-making, per say. It is about building a healthy relationship with one’s body and mind. It’s about taking an active role in self-care, being responsible for one’s own well-being. We believe that practicing respect and love for self and for others are keys to happiness.

Truly, Group Empowerment Drumming and learning the skills of Mindful breathing and Walking are about honoring our human relationships–building bridges, improving communication, generating harmony, and choosing Love.


In all programming we provide all rhythm instruments and can accommodate up to 50 persons, with potential for many more.

Our rhythmical toolkit includes West African Djembe drums, frame drums, a 27″ gathering drum, and is rounded out with an eclectic, artful array of handcrafted shakers, woods and metal “voices” from around the world. Adding in “Body beats” and vocalizations widens the possibilities.

It’s quite possible to have a powerful experience using only rhythms we can make with our voices and bodies, with or without percussion instruments.

Are you ready to leap into something new, fun and positively transformative? Set out on a powerful, rhythmical, heartful adventure?

Whether you and your group might wish to consider experiencing one of our drumming programs or come together to learn the skills of Mindful Breathing and Walking, we are here to serve you.

How may we serve you? How may we serve your group, your organization?


We welcome you to connect with us — to ask a question, make a comment, or share an insight. For this purpose, or to inquire/check on availability and learn about pricing of our programming, please contact us via email: meditatemusic11@gmail.com or call us at (607) 279-6314.

If you are interested in booking an event, please indicate:
* the date(s)your considering
* number of participants
* goal of your event
* length of event

For those looking for a year long commitment, with events delivered once or twice a month, we offer a complimentary first session (1 hour).