Heart Song Drumming

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Hello & Welcome ~ Thank you for visiting. My name is Lansing Day. I’d like to introduce myself and HEART SONG DRUMMING.

My Drumming Story ~ Since 2006, after a ten year career teaching at a Montessori Elementary School (ages 9-12) and six years as a senior manager at a farm winery in New York State – I’ve been enjoying leading community building and wellness-based drum circles. I am committed to bringing the positive, transformative power of the “Song of the Heart” to others.

Through remembering and living from the wisdom of our hearts and by activating the power of heart connections, together we can generate service mindedness.
By first changing ourselves, we help change the world. We can choose peace and love, and then we can choose to help transform our world so All benefit.

As a consultant and professional Drum Circle Facilitator, I’ve facilitated hundreds of wellness and community building group drumming events, working with many populations with a variety of needs. These include colleges and elementary schools (students and staff), businesses, Elder communities (Assisted Living, Memory Care and Nursing Care), youth at risk, adults in recovery, Veterans Hospitals, and communities which assist and educate children and adults with special needs.

Having begun formal study of the West African Djembe in 1993 with Master Drummer Maurice Haltom of Ithaca, NY, and having played for an African Dance Class which he taught, in 2004 I felt drawn to take my energy into the field of wellness, and I began drum circle facilitator training.

I am a certified HealthRHYTHMS facilitator. What is HealthRHYTHMS?http://remo.com/experience/post/healthrhythms/

I have also been a student of Arthur Hull of Village Music Circle (Santa Cruz, CA) http://villagemusiccircles.com/

Over the years I have evolved my own style and methodology, based on these teachings.

As a fairly recent transplant from Central NY to Northern Arizona, I’m now offering HEART SONG DRUMMING programs to individuals and communities in the Cottonwood/Sedona areas, Flagstaff, Prescott, and Phoenix with some travel wider afield.

In Cottonwood/Sedona, some of our clients (past and present) include: Rainbow Acres Ranch, The Sanctuary at Sedona, Sedona Winds, Cottonwood Village, Austin House, Haven Care, Cupertino Power Learning Academy, Mountain Valley Prep, Yavapai Community College and more.

HEART SONG DRUMMING programming includes Group Empowerment Drumming — a fun, highly interactive, wellness and community building drum circle for any age and any occasion. This program is ideal for festive celebrations (ages 5-105), leadership training, key notes, soul awakenings, community building and wellness initiatives.

What might one kind of Empowerment Drumming session look like? Here,
co-creating fun and smiles — drumming with families at a local park. https://vimeo.com/162451255

We offer a group workshop Empowerment Heart Song Drumming: A Holistic Approach

This group drumming experience (1.5 to 3 hours) includes the ABCs of hand drumming, is highly interactive and energizing, and is centered on core, aboriginal rhythmic forms, which, in my experience arise out of simple two-step walking and the waltz-like (in 3 or 6 pulse) rhythm of the heart. Engaging with a 27″ gathering drum is the centering group experience. Mindfulness training is integrated; participants are introduced to the healthful, transformative practice of Mindful Breathing and Mindful Walking, integrated together — “Breathwalking”.

We also offer a drumming and movement based Life Coaching program for individuals seeking personal growth, healing, greater well-being, and success.

This may include beginning music instruction (African drum, Native American Flute, acoustic guitar), Meditative Drumming, Shamanic Drumming and creative visualization, Mindfulness Training, and Breathwalking.

In all programming, all participants have a percussion instrument to play.
Establishing a circle environment of safety, equality, non-judgement and fun is hugely important for achieving a successful outcome, with smiles, heart connections and positivity blossoming. There is no such thing as a “rhythm klutz”. We all are naturally rhythmical. Do not believe anyone who says you are not rhythmical. Most especially, do not believe yourself. Truth is–you are wholly and perfectly rhythmical, simply by being alive and human.

To go deeper — the core of the Heart Song Drumming experience is centered on the notion that ALL is connected, by Natural Law. One is ALL. And ALL are equal.

When we bring awareness to these truths, and we experience that ALL is in intimate, interdependent relationship, we live healthier, more compassionate, purposeful lives.

Group drumming can offer us a profoundly transformative, freeing experience in this regard. Yet, not all drum circles set out with this aim. Heart Song Drumming is set apart in that it is solely about freedom of expression; it’s not about creating “proper rhythmical song”.

Heart Song Drumming is not about drumming, per say. It is about building a healthy relationship with one’s body and mind. It’s about taking an active role in self-care, being responsible for one’s own well-being.

Truly, it’s about honoring and building bridges, growing communication, building relationships, and choosing to be of service to others.


In all Heart Song Group Drumming programming we provide all rhythm instruments and can accommodate up to 50 persons, with potential for many more.

Our rhythmical tool kit includes West African Djembe drums, frame drums, a 27″ gathering drum, and is rounded out with an eclectic, artful array of shakers, woods and metal voices from around the world. Adding in “Body beats” and vocalizations widens the possibilities. It’s quite possible to have a powerful Heart Song experience using only rhythms we can make with our voices and bodies, with or without percussion instruments.

Taking this one step further, going Inside ….

The Heart itself is our first drum. Let’s begin always with the primal and transformative “lub-dub” rhythms and energetics of the heart — with its intuitions, its messages of love, its messages of healing & peacefulness, its messages of compassionate service to others.

When we invite that beautiful, magical, and so familiar song to appear amongst us, we open to the possibilities of where Hearts may lead us, to the benefit of all.

Are you ready to leap into something new, fun and positively transformative? Set out on a Heart Song adventure?

How may HEART SONG DRUMMING serve you? How may we serve your group? Would you, your group or community like to collaborate with our program or with me personally?