Letting Creativity Flow

In your experience, have you found that getting out of the way and opening your heart fully to letting Life and Creativity naturally flow is both endlessly challenging and highly rewarding?

Setting out on such an adventure is a choice. In learning how to practice Creativity, one is faced with private and public disappointments and successes. And yet, as we practice non-judgement of self and others, we are liberated to explore our creative selves and in turn, with sharing, be an inspiration to others.

With surrender to the Creative Spirit within oneself, one may become better skilled at practicing Love for self and others, for all life. Learning how to more freely and openly share the creative heart of who we are, I believe, is the key to happiness. From this place of joy we are empowered to serve and positively change the world.

This has been a lifelong challenge and learning adventure for me; surrendering to my own heart has led me (small step to step) to more honestly and confidently express who I truly am. Choosing to let Creativity Flow this way has made all the difference.

Altogether in my professional life (in my playing at that), and in my social and private life I thrive and am most happily “me”, when being creative in an improvisational setting. Trusting my gut, my heart, my whole being, and naturally flowing in the spontaneity of the moment.

These days, being expressively rhythmical and free (sometimes oddly off-beat) has been how I prefer to “show up”, as when leading Heart Song Drum Circles, playing guitar and singing, free-style vocalizing (toning, jazz improvisation), playing Native American flute (at Tuzigoot National Monument or busking), or writing poetry and sharing insights. In all activities, I’m learning to BE. Letting my creativity and happiness naturally happen helps others be creative and happy too.

Everyone has something of themselves to add, in co-creating. I so appreciate these heart connections. Let’s help each other transform to positivity, touching the joys of life together!

In 2018, a new vista is opening up — bringing together children and Elders to have fun, exploring with hands-on, interactive Music and Art making experiences.

Intergenerational connections are very much needed today. Elders have wisdom and life experiences to share with the younger generations. Creating open spaces for conversations, for shared listening, for heart connections, through music and art experiences can build bridges of new understanding. One can continue to be creative long into the second half of life. One can awaken Human Potential. It’s never too late!

In my engagements with life, with freedom and with creativity, I wish to collaborate with All who are committed to healing our planet and promoting peace. I wish to participate directly and inspire others. Let’s create a New Earth together.

Water is Life. We are Water. I believe we are now in a growing water emergency, and we must call for the healing and protection of water and all life on Earth. Each in his or her own way can choose to participate. We can work together and inspire each other.

So much is needed to help transform our fossil fuel driven Non-Life Economy to an Economy of Life, which benefits all.

With de-centralization of governance, with cutting-edge healthful technologies in the fields of energy and medicine (to name a few) coming forward at the grassroots community level, we can choose a new model to replace the present Global Corporate one which is characterized by the practice of extreme greed, empty of social responsibility. This present model, driven by the motive of maximizing short term profits, solely benefits an Elite few, at the expense of the many who suffer. All life on Earth suffers.

I believe we humans–when we all come together and work with our natural powers, acting in freedom and from a place of sharing–can shift the old paradigm and begin setting out on a new path of sustainability, healing and peacefulness.

The nameless ALL, the Universe, Creator Spirit, God which is at the center of everything, the center of my being, calls me to look inward, in contemplative self-inquiry and at last leads me toward loving action.

Through peaceful means, through speaking up, through non-violent action together we can turn the tide, naturally to Life, for the benefit of All.


Recreational Music and Art activities can be powerful tools for helping us generate and express the sort of natural freedom and power required for right action, aligned with compassion and warm-heartedness.

Music and Art experiences need not be only for the specially talented and specially trained. Humans are born to create. Just let go and trust the wisdom of nature, of life, of the body — engage naturally in making, in expressing, in sharing.

Celebrating Life in ourselves through the free-play of Recreational Art or Music can grow our happiness and then we can help others experience such freedom. We can begin to share this joy with our immediate family, with friends and in our own neighborhoods. For example, we can choose to volunteer in schools or in Elder Care communities.

Our own happiness can be quite infectious and positive; its life-giving effects can radiate further out.

If we choose, we can also move to the wider public arena, and with our collective Art and Music Making we can help gradually shift the negative energies of fear, of lack, of disconnectedness, of powerlessness. Mustering courage and strength of will, anything is possible. We can all help promote change.

Being strengthened daily at the very core of our being is critically important. 

Devoting 10-20 minutes each day (once or twice a day) to practice the Art of Stillness, the Art of Meditation or Prayer is deeply nourishing to Body and Soul. Natural power and natural freedom arise, in alignment with Love.

Choosing to practice Presence throughout the day through Mindfulness sharpens concentration and mental focus, while increasing happiness and peacefulness. Mindfulness practices join Mind and Body. One can chose to learn the techniques of Mindful Breathing and Mindful Walking, for example. One can bring Mindfulness to any daily activity.

Bringing Mindfulness to any activity of Recreational Music or Art magnifies the positive effects many times over.

But how to begin making music and being artful? Begin with you.

Take action without thinking about whether it’ll be a grand splash. Have no expectations and bring no judging. It is very possible to begin with no (or only minimal) instruction, and then just explore.  Trust your heart to lead you. The wisdom of your natural intuition.

Create a You Tube channel and introduce yourself. What is your heart’s interest? What is your passion? (you can post any video to a variety of public/private access settings)

Here was one of my very first public appearances in 2011 ~ “Rhythm Array” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IHqN6KB2vc

Simply making a You Tube for only yourself is a wonderful “way in”. And any Music Making or Art Making experience you have for yourself alone can be fun, rewarding and powerful. It can be soul invigorating.

Remember the fun of the tooting, buzzing Kazoo? Ha! Strum a guitar, dulcimer or ukulele.

Dance — with others, or in the privacy of your own home or outside, connected to Earth. Move your body, move you arms and legs freely, with or without music. Connect with and express naturally your inner rhythm, your heart!

Practice the Art of Yoga, of Tai Chi, of Qigong.

Plant and tend a garden. Get creative in the kitchen.

Play a recorder or Native American Flute. Cover up the holes well and blow.

Play an African Drum or a Frame Drum. Naturally move your hands or a stick. Be free. Begin your own drum circle with family or friends. Go to a local park and invite anyone there to play with you. Bring along a few simple rhythm makers to share, such as a plastic ice tray and spoon for tapping, and a pot with a wooden spoon. This is sort of “flash mob” event is called a “Drum About”.

Draw. You may find yourself launching out with a simple doodle in the margin of some serious or not so serious piece of paper just for the fun of it, just for your own enjoyment. Colored pencils too? Chalk or paints?

Shape clay. Refashion wood, cloth, paper or metal. Engage in crafting. Take photos.

Write The Story of You. Write poetry. What have you been holding inside that seeks a fresh airing?

Start a Blog.

Hum or sing an energizing or relaxing song, a lullaby. Make up your own songs.

Casting critical, self-judgment aside — let your imagination run free with a feeling of boundless, childlike abandon. Simply taking that first step of music or art making just might be the beginning of something amazing and magical, for growing your own happiness and inspiring others.

Through Recreational Music and Art Experiences, through the daily practice of Meditation and Mindfulness, we can choose to challenge ourselves to grow and change, to be more skillful at Life.

We humans enhance life for ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities — the whole world — when we are happy, peaceful, compassionate and freely expressive.

Let’s support one another and love one another. Let’s “Let Creativity Flow”.


Lansing Day ~ January 2019








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