About me

Altogether in my professional life (in my playing at that), and in my private life I thrive and am most happy when being creative in an improvisational setting. Trusting my gut and being in the spontaneity of the moment — just making things up, such as when singing alone or with others and playing guitar, playing flute, drumming with others, or writing and sharing insights and my happiness that comes. Letting my happiness happen helps others be happy too.

Everyone has something of themselves to add, in co-creating. I so appreciate these connections!

Whether teaching Elementary School (a ten year career) or leading fun group drumming events–these days for children and Elders mostly, I’ve always been instructed and inspired by those whom I’ve served. I suspect I have touched many lives, and I surely do know that so many have touched my life, helping me learn and grow.

In 2017 new vistas are opening up for me, such as promoting creativity in the classroom and bringing together children and Elders to have fun exploring with hands-on, interactive Music and Art making experiences. Intergenerational connections are very much needed today. Elders have wisdom and life experiences to share. I want to have an open space for shared listening. For heart connections. For building bridges of new understanding.

In my engagements with life, with freedom and with creativity, I also wish to support all those who are committed to healing our planet and promoting peace. I wish to participate directly.

Water is Life and We are Water. So much is needed to help transform our fossil fuel driven Non-Life Economy to one of a Life Economy. With de-centralization of governance and with healthful technologies released to come forward at the grassroots community level, we can offer a new model to replace the present Corporate one which is built around greed with the singular intent of maximizing short term profit, to the detriment of the planet and all life.
The old model benefits the few at the expense of the many who suffer.

I believe we humans–when we all come together and work with our natural powers, acting in freedom and from a place of sharing–can shift the old paradigm and begin setting out on a new path of sustainability, healing
and peacefulness.

The nameless ALL, the Universe, Creator Spirit, God which is at the center of everything, the center of my being, inspires me to love and act and not give up.

Through peaceful means, through speaking up, through non-violent action together we can turn the tide, naturally to Life, for the benefit of All.

Recreational Art and Music experiences can play a powerful role in helping to generate and express this sort of natural freedom and power.

These experiences need not be only for the specially talented and specially trained. Humans are born to create. Just let go and trust the wisdom of nature, of life, of the body — engage naturally in making, in expressing, in sharing.

Celebrating Life in ourselves through the free-play of Recreational Art or Music experiences can grow our happiness and then we can help those right in our own neighborhoods.

Our own happiness can be quite infectious and positive; its life-giving effects can radiate further out.

If we choose, we can also move to the wider public arena, and with our collective Art and Music Making we can help gradually shift the present economy and effectively address the ill-health of Earth. In addition to aiding those around us who would benefit, we can reach further afield to help others…. it may seem daunting as there are so many billions of people in need.

How to begin? If you choose to try, just jump! Begin with you. Without thinking much about whether it’ll be a grand splash. No judging here. Remember the fun of the tooting, buzzing Kazoo? Ha! Strum a guitar, dulcimer or ukulele.

Play a recorder or Native American Flute. Cover up the holes well and blow.
Play an African Drum or a Frame Drum. Begin your own community drum circle.

Or for you it may mean launching out with a simple doodle in the margin of some serious or not so serious piece of paper just for the fun of it, just for your own enjoyment. Colored pencils too? Chalk or paints?

Dance? Move your body, move you arms and legs freely, with or without music.
Connect with and express your inner rhythm, your heart.
Connect with Earth.

Shape clay or refashion wood or metal. Engage in crafting. Take photos.

Write the story of you. Write a poem. What have you been holding inside that seeks a fresh airing?

Hum or sing an energizing or relaxing song, a lullaby.

Some simple first action of music or art making might be the beginning of something new and amazing, for growing your own happiness and helping others.

The world needs happy, expressive, peaceful & free humans now, more than ever.


Here are some places where I’ve found inspiration and self-expression.
Co-creating and having fun.

IMG_1390 - Copy.JPG

Group Empowerment Drumming is fun, healthful, and life-enhancing.

As a wellness professional/Drum Circle Facilitator since 2006, I’ve worked with many populations with a variety of needs–providing hands-on, healthful, group rhythmical experiences (see below).

To get an impression of the energy, here’s an impromptu session.
Drumming with children at a park

Introducing my new you tube channel, here leading with a message of Love & Healing for Gaia
(Headphones needed for volume)

For original guitar and other compositions
Find me at Soundcloud


Now offering my Recreational Music/Drum Circle programs in the Verde Valley, Northern Arizona — serving the Sedona area, Flagstaff, and Prescott, with some travel wider afield.

In the Cottonwood/Sedona area I regularly present at Rainbow Acres Ranch, and these Elder Care Communities: Cottonwood Village, Austin House, and Haven Care. My programming includes Rhythm Fun — a fun, highly interactive drum circle for any age. I offer an intensive group workshop ~ Empowerment Heart Song Drumming: A Holistic BodyMind Approach, as well as a drumming and movement based Empowerment Coaching program for individuals seeking personal growth and greater well-being.

To learn more about any of these offerings or more about my experience and training (or simply to say hello) ~ please email me at MUSLED2000@yahoo.com

How may I serve you? How may I serve your community? Let’s co-create
something positive and life-enhancing.

Let’s learn to better enjoy life, grow happiness, and change ourselves;
through this intention we can begin to help change the world.


Lansing Day
June 2017

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