Letting Creativity Flow

We humans by our very nature are curious, creative beings.

Learning how to more freely and openly share the creative heart of who we are, I believe, is a primary key to happiness. By surrendering ourselves to this place of creativity, we are always positively growing and exploring. The potential arises that, as creative beings, consciously engaged in transforming ourselves, we, in turn, can transform the world.

Inviting creativity to flow for myself has been a hugely rewarding endeavor. A wide-open, never-ending learning adventure. Surrendering to my own creative, joyful heart has led me (small step to step) to more honestly and confidently express who I truly am. Choosing to Let Creativity Flow this way has made all the difference. I am learning the power of sharing more and more widely to affect change.

Altogether in my professional life (in my playing at that), and in my social and private life I thrive and am most happily “me”, when being creative in an improvisational setting. Trusting my gut, my heart, my whole being, and naturally flowing in the spontaneity of the moment.

These days, being expressively rhythmical and free (sometimes oddly off-beat) has been how I prefer to “show up”, as when leading Empowerment Rhythm Circles, teaching Walk & Breathe 2 Step, playing guitar and singing with others, free-style vocalizing (group toning, vocal improvisation), playing Native American Flute, or writing poetry and sharing insights.

In all activities, I’m learning to BE. Letting my creativity and happiness naturally happen helps others be creative and happy too.

Everyone has something of themselves to add, in co-creating!

In my engagements with life, with freedom, with creativity, I wish to collaborate with All who are committed to healing our planet and promoting peace and reconciliation.

Let’s create a New Earth together. I am especially heartened by the youth of the planet stepping forward to lead. Young women, specifically. Elder women. guiding and inspiring by example.

Water is Life. We are Water. I believe we are now in a growing water emergency, and we must call for the healing and protection of water and all life on Earth. Each in her or his own way can choose to participate. We can work together and inspire each other.

Daring to be fearless, in support of All Life, we can choose to help transform our fossil fuel driven “Non-Life” Economy to an Economy of Life, which benefits ALL.

With de-centralization of governance, with cutting-edge healthful technologies in the fields of energy and medicine (to name a few) coming forward at the grassroots community level, we can choose a new model to replace the present Global Corporate one which is characterized by the practice of extreme greed, empty of social responsibility.

This present model, driven by the motive of maximizing short term profits, solely benefits an Elite few, at the expense of the many who suffer. All life on Earth suffers.

When we humans come together and engage our natural, creative powers, we can begin to shift the old paradigm; we can set out on a new path of sustainability, healing, and peacefulness.

The nameless ALL, the Universe, Creator Spirit, God which is at the center of everything, the center of my being, calls me to look inward, in contemplative self-inquiry and at last leads me toward loving action.

Through peaceful means, through speaking up, through non-violent action together we can turn the tide, naturally to Life.


BEING STRENGTHENED DAILY at the very core of our being is critically important.

Devoting 10-20 minutes each day (once or twice a day) to practice the Art of Stillness, the Art of Meditation or Contemplative Prayer, is deeply nourishing to Body and Soul. Natural power and natural freedom arise, in alignment with Love.

Choosing to practice Presence throughout the day through mindfulness sharpens concentration and mental focus, while increasing happiness and peacefulness, and growing our fearless.

Mindfulness practices join Mind and Body. One can bring Mindfulness to any daily activity. Simply devote 100% of your attention to the activity, while feeling the physicality of your body; the rhythm of your breath.

Being awake and aware, being Mindful, while outdoors in Nature is a powerful way to bring us home to who we are.

Even in the middle of a city we can look up at the sky and enjoy the blue and the clouds. Experiencing the presence of a single flower or a patch of grass, hearing a bird chirp, seeing an insect flying or crawling near us — all can bring us into awareness of our own body and can generate a positive feeling of calm.

All can bring us back to the Here and Now. Happiness and peacefulness abiding.


Creativity & Mindfulness go hand in hand.

Bringing focused our attention to any activity of Recreational Music or Art Making naturally magnifies the positive effects many times over.

Music and Art experiences need not be only for the especially talented and formally trained. Humans are born to create. Just let go and trust the wisdom of nature, of life, of the body — engage naturally in making, in expressing, in sharing.

Celebrating the power of Creativity in ourselves through the free-play of Recreational Art or Music can grow our happiness, and then we can help others experience such freedom. We can begin to share this joy with our immediate family, with friends and in our own neighborhoods. For example, we can choose to volunteer in schools or in Elder Care communities, sharing our enjoyment.

If we choose, we can also move to the wider public arena; with our collective Art and Music Making we can help gradually shift the negative energies of fear, of lack, of disconnectedness, of powerlessness. Mustering courage and strength of will, anything is possible. By showing up this positive way, by being seen, we change ourselves and can help transform Life on Earth in the right direction.

But how to begin making music and being artful? Begin with you.

Take action without thinking about whether it’ll be a grand splash. Have no expectations and bring no judging. It is very possible to begin with no (or only minimal) instruction, and then just explore.  Trust your heart to lead you. The wisdom of your natural intuition.

In any activity… simply beginning solo and then joining
(or creating) a supportive group for co-creating & sharing can be helpful.


Remember the fun of the tooting, buzzing Kazoo? Ha! Toot!

Strum a guitar, dulcimer or ukulele. Make up a simple song, adding words.
Vocalize in any fashion. Voice your message.

Did you once sing in a group or play a musical instrument? Did you “study and perform” in your youth and it somehow fell away? Why not revive it? Have fun.

Dance — with others, or in the privacy of your own home or outside, connected to Earth. Move your body, move you arms and legs freely, with or without music. Connect with and express naturally your inner rhythm, your heart!

Practice the Art of Yoga, of Tai Chi, of Qigong.

Plant and tend a garden. Get creative in the kitchen.

Create something fresh and new with any material.
Paper, clay, wood, cloth, yarn or whatever you find in Nature.

Doodle, Draw, Paint.

Start a Blog. Tell a story. Write poetry.
Journal or see what comes when you write automatically.

Make videos. Take photos.

Play a recorder or Native American Flute. Cover up the holes well and blow.

Play an African Drum or a Frame Drum. Naturally move your hands or a stick. Be free.


Casting critical, self-judgment aside — let your imagination run free with a feeling of boundless, childlike abandon.

The first step may seem the most daunting. But take action, nonetheless.

Simply taking that first step of exploring music, art making or any creative expression just might be the beginning of something amazing and magical.

See where your heart leads you. Be curious.

Through Creative Experiences, and through the daily practice of Meditation and Mindfulness, we can choose to challenge ourselves to grow and change, to be more skillful at Life.

We humans enhance life for ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities — the whole world — when we are happy, peaceful, compassionate and freely expressive.

It is never too late to begin. No matter what your age…

Let’s “Let Creativity Flow”.

Lansing Day ~ October  2022

2 thoughts on “Letting Creativity Flow

  1. So nice to read about your journey and offerings to the world. Hand drumming (Afro Cuban via congas) radically changed my life while recovering from a lengthy illness many years ago and is my preferred mode of meditation. I am a blogger and hand drummer who loves Qigong and creating through gardening, cooking, photography, writing — everything you have mentioned.
    Truly, there is magic when turning to creativity and nature, and being mindful in the present rather than rehashing hurts of the past. I hope your work and endeavors will find a way of transforming the destructive, negative energies upon us. Warm wishes to you —

    • Hello writegardener ~ O my gosh…so sorry I missed your beautiful message to me…more than a year ago!
      I align completely with what you say about the importance of practicing being in the NOW and trusting in the powers of Nature and Creativity.
      In AZ, there is so much space for walking; pretty much all year round…

      These days, for me, I’m feeling my growth around reconciling with my parents & ancestors. Through daily, sit-time meditation–sending love and appreciation…and…saying hello to “inner child”. Let’s play together! This gets me very happy and helps me remember my HOME (“heaven”). I seem to receive energetic, fleeting glimpses and feelings. Faith builds. I tap into subtle messaging from Akashic?

      Cool that you love drumming and this is your meditation. Natural rhythms are powerfully healing! I used to have a garden, when I was a homeowner.
      One day, again…surely. I’ll check out your blog!

      Thanks for reaching out my way.

      Peace and fun in creativity 🙏🏼

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