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In October of 2017, I débuted my very first music CD, NATURE DANCES
short, impressionistic pieces played on Native American Flute.

This project was about communicating “energetics”, about allowing little energetic blasts to move through me, finding shape through my breath. It’s not meditative music at all; more like a “get up and go”!

To a large degree this CD was inspired by my living in Cottonwood AZ
near the Verde River, and to my west–Mingus Mountain.

Animals, trees, water, rocks and all — all conscious Beings, seen and unseen,                surely lent a wise and guiding hand.

From the back cover of NATURE DANCES:

For me, Nature does dance. Life is a dance; time is fluid and flexible.
This collection of short pieces played on Native American Flute
reflects these dance-like elements. Often quite wild.

Here a simple story unfolds through the duration of one Springtime day, beginning with “Calling”. A natural sequence—a parade of greening earth, of birds and insects is depicted. There are three birds; they communicate a similar theme. The story concludes with evening falling, and my heartfelt tribute to a beautiful, stately Cottonwood tree cut down.

Finally, we arrive at the break of a new day and the happiness of “Water Dance”. I am honored to be sharing these musical experiences with you. Peace.

To listen to samples of tracks and for Digital purchase, please visit Amazon:

Nature Dances by Lansing Day on Amazon Music –

And find full length samples here:

Some original guitar samplers:

Guitar Bounce

Variations on “Three Blind Mice”

Water Dance

Spoken Poem. Riffed on a feeling.
I Swim

More music on Soundcloud…click on my name to access my channel. Here, a Guitar and Vocal piece, That Easy River.


And for some Rhythm Fun