The Rhythmical Heart: Cycles vs. Beats

It’s been a lifelong, passionate journey for me (consciously and un) exploring the rhythmical feeling of Heartbeat.

Did you know that we could describe the rhythmical song of the heart two ways? By feeling our wrist pulse and tracking seconds elapsing, we can calculate beats per minute (bpm); by sensing the subtler beating, which points to the heart’s action of “LUB DUB REST”, we get another way of knowing heart bpm.

For example: 60 bpm felt wrist is also 180 bpm, lub-dub-rest wise. We could distinguish the two ways by naming the first as it fits, as a counting of complete cycles.

Thus, CPM. Now, we have it: 60cpm/180bpm.

I go for the rhythmical truth & natural “time” power of bringing forth the later. Though the somewhat “reductionist”” other way of cycles per minute (cpm) is good enough and probably quite necessary–for its practical and common uses.

If curious about how the Heart makes its drummy sounds, check out this from Khan Academy (10-minute mini-lesson). I found it super helpful!

Let’s explore the Natural Song of the Heart through many ways of knowing.