first arizona rain

leaning from apartment rail
out from dry haven of a slant roof run
my fingers palms cups overflow full

and i imagine
tiny fractal mouths all
in a pine tree nearest me

bundles of green frond tips
opening to first arizona rain

later, at my returning
the afternoon sun appears
shadowed in a cloud break

every water slick
green of pine
casts ornamental silver

and one hummingbird
dodging drops
edges my head

all wonderments these
gracing a new summer’s day

To Action

Let this be spark to collective action!
To the exercise of natural freedoms and equality.

Sever attachments, break from safety,
from the shore of who you think you are!

Set sail with soul song,
with souls of saints and strangers
harmoniously singing!

Set out with hopefulness and growing faith,
with ideologies in abeyance,
All as One in open repartee.

Brothers and sisters, all of wild nature–
none left uninvited.

Friends at heart all, all welcome!

Who shall be chief navigator?

Trace sensitive fingers on contour maps the Universe makes.
Apply improvisation, as we too navigate invent.

With these tiniest of maps (the same is the largest
with infinite pathways) we are destined exactly
to found and inhabit New Earth.

Who brings gifts of intuitive sensing?

Everyone? Ha!
Must we draw straws?

Buddy up the chosen one with the expert
at the rational sextant?

Every single she and he of us
is a guiding star.

Accordingly, let’s begin convergent
conversations of stars.

Of the humans who choose to stay behind, let us love them.
Let us love them and let’s be on our way!

It is enough now that many have had good intentions,
have spoken authentically, enthusiastically.

Yet at this time they do not wish to enter in.
Each in his or her own time.

Others have voiced oppositions,
demonstrated resistance.

Some others — stuck in apathy,
in numbness, in powerlessness.

Is fear of bodily death
the ultimate stopping?

What is living if living itself
is death?

Are you one
who has ears to hear?

Are you that very passenger
ready to disavow, to disembark?

Have you awakened to the soft,
soul alluring whisper?

A call for Harmony and Peace,
for Natural Freedom and Equality.

Sparks for all of this.
Let us begin.