An Experience of Time

In the Present Moment, is there a “moment” actually? Where are the words to help us wriggle out of the realm of time language? What experiences slip us away and into an engaged, blissful flow-feeling, of freedom?

Your choice. Seek it and when you find it at last or it finds you, hold tight. It is your heart.

Only love what you are doing. Get lost in it. Refuse to answer the door bell, any “calling” from who knows who — whoever or whatever wants to be at your elbow, snagging your attention.

Take control of your masterpiece.

If you do not take control, someone or something else will try hooking your attention. Subtle are those ways.

You may decide to go a bit underground, when you ask this greatness of yourself. Keeping keys of it personal and private. Something of recognizable you, you may trade away. For this — growing your freedom and your love.

I am learning to listen … choosing to go close in, with open-heartedness, grounded in stillness — to the Universe, to God, to Mystery, to “not knowing”. Trusting that All is well.

It’s an exciting, holy and humbling adventure. Makes me smile.