I have known heights, aimed
like a bullet to the top of my head.

Known forbidden songs, jagging
placid landscapes.

Waterblood waterbone of this my body
incessantly crying out to me.

Fire! Yell Emergency!
How long the abuse, how long!

In the barreled pit of my sober life
up from common sense–snapping into it,
my soul came alive. Alive I say!

By grace I breached!
Free in the wind!

Kingdoms of water, alive Earth kingdoms —
hear now the words of my tears.

Mea Culpa!
Mea Culpa!

I slam on the brakes, tear off the roofs
of my steel compartments.

I see sky and feel in daylight all the hidden stars.
I declare — the emperor of death
has no clothes.

I scatter forgiveness, unjudging,
across all the fattened streets.

Over the graves of ancestors, I vow.
I feel grand openings–oceans singing.
Spinning angels’ symphony.

O Water, I shall love you.
Shall speak up and shall protect you.

I shall fight for you.

I shall fight and die if I must,
ten times ten over I shall
— that you live!

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