I have known heights, aimed
like a bullet to the top of my head.

I have known forbidden songs, jagging
placid landscapes.

Water blood water bone — my body,
incessantly crying out to me.

How long the abuse, how long!

In the barreled pit of my sober life
up from common sense–snapping into it,
my soul came alive.
Alive I say.

By grace I breached.
Free in the wind.

All you Kingdoms of water everywhere–
hear now the words of my tears.

Mea Culpa!

I slam on the brakes, tear off the roofs
of steel compartments.

I see sky and feel in daylight all the hidden stars.
I declare — the emperor of death
has no clothes.

I scatter forgiveness, unjudging,
across all the fattened streets.

Oceans of me go singing.
Spinning angels’ symphony.

Over the graves of my ancestors, I vow.

Water, I shall love you.
I shall speak up and protect you.
I shall fight for you.

I shall fight and die if I must.

Ten times ten give my very life
— that you live.

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