Breathe Stars

Right now–dare to live.
Stop insisting on chasing death.
Stop trying to die.

Quit the grand delusion,
for you shall never die.

Grow your wings and fly to the mountaintop
of your world. Breathe stars.

Bravely go alone. Yes, you can do this.

In your average day — exercise conviction.

Draw in golden, fibrous threads
of starlight, of sunlight.

It is nothing less than soul’s power-fuel.

Inhale slowly.
Experience the gentle music of love’s fire,
as flames pull up a chimney stack, up pipes of ovens.

Faith builds with such breath practice.

Greed cooked away.
Anger transformed.

Ignorance surrendering
to ways of knowing.

Prepare that your purpose
shall speak to you.

Breathe starlight.

Are you surprised
that you feel no heat?

Your unique timelessness
awaits your recognition.

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