Equal Loving

Who would have guessed — when I tilted my heart
toward baby lizard, perched on a colored desert stone,
she’d blink one eye at me, turn to smile, it seemed,
and lend a listening ear?

I’d said “I love you”.
She and I were One.

Who would have thought — when stone heard me
loving her, it would, it seem, speak back?
I was loving stone too!

Stone, I admire your villages.
I smile at your many stone peoples.

I eavesdrop on universal questions posed
around your sacred fires carefully tended.

And around hearths, among
cinder specks scattered–one minute wisp,
a grain of cinder there.
I love you too!

And in that cinder grain I hear —
worlds of stars, sweetly singing!

By way of explanation, dear reader friend,
this is what a practiced discipline of
loving all beings equally
has made of me.

Could be.

But will you nonetheless
accept the possibility
and go love adventuring?

If you’d like, we all could earnestly
talk it through.

Love speaking through us
and we, listening.

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