Breathing Three Space

Who would think it ever wise to take a break from breathing? Not I.
Still, simply put, breathing not at all, if only for an instant, is a powerful
way to feel Life and wake up to it.

To live more in the awareness of NOW.

There is a sweet spot in the rhythm of breathing, in the pause right between the exhale and the inhale. I found it one day without being aware how sweet it was. Then, sweetness came to me, when without breath I was aware I was there.

Peacefulness in the “no-hale”. Contentment. Feeling my heart beat its near silent song in my throat.

There may be a fancy Yogic or other name for this practice. I’ve yet to find it and be satisfied that it is named finally, for me.

When I am bamboozled by impossible, quintessential questions, put off and bothered with worry or over-thinking, I know I can choose to invigorate myself by going voluntarily to an experience of “no breath” ~ letting my breath go out and out and out to the very bottom–to that place of quiet stillness….savoring the peace.

As if I’m newborn, the air does at last come rushing in.

Here and there, anywhere in my day, I can choose to make such a soul-invigorating, delectable moment.

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