Many might agree that one of the most quotable of quotes about the importance of building simplicity into one’s life is from Henry David Thoreau, his book “Walden”, published in 1854.

Quite odd however is how over time what he wrote, and mostly the spirit of it, has been lost. Or, at best, diminished to a kind of milk-toast philosophy. Appearing in Psychologies of self-help and self-improvement.

If you google “simplify”, you might find “simplify” or “simplify, simplify”, both likely referencing Thoreau directly, or sideways.

Even if you recall the full length of what he said, but do not remember how it looked on the page and search on “simplify simplify simplify” … it does not appear (that I could find).

What he wrote was one sentence.

“Simplify, simplify, simplify!”

That’s three times the word with pauses in between, plus the “!”

As in: Fire!

If we were truly to brave up, be honest with ourselves and open our hearts to listen, what could we hear which might be new and refreshing, with the utterance of this?

If we were to apply this heart-speak philosophy to our consumerist behaviors, to our lifestyle and life-choices, to our relationships, to our activities and creativeness, how might this shift our direction?

Many say we live in a time of human and planetary dire emergency.

Exclamatory sentences are needed, for our very survival.

A Collective Call for Strength of Will. Strength of Love expressed!

Let’s ring it from the mountain tops:

“Simplify, simplify, simplify!”

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