creativity and freedom

It’s coming to me today in a gentle shout, as a reminder, that we humans are here in this life to be truly alive, to grow and to flower, to cast new seeds–in short, that our purpose in living is to be free to create, to love and to share. And this is a great pleasure, a natural enjoyment.

It is so simple that spelling it out here is as easy as stepping off the shore into a lovely sandy pond, or off an ocean beach to have the toes experience the push of rumbling surf.

Who among us did not simply create–make up stuff and simply play, when a child.

Take a second to feel this experience which you know.

You have not forgotten.
You remember one day of it now.

it is a summer’s evening and school is out
and you run run run with friends
you run and run and run and you are free

your feet do not touch the ground
the sky is beautiful
the sun tells no time

and then after a while
the call comes from the house

one day right now today is the day
do not answer this call from the house

the house is not your home

you are free right now
you have all you ever needed
it never left you

you are free to play
to love
to share

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