Conscious Creation

In consideration of this statement:
“All creation–whether Quark, Rock, Human, Galaxy–is conscious.”

I am posing this question: “Truth or Lie”?

My baloney meter madly swings to left and to right, and when its motion drops way and needle settles, the answer surprises me. Nothing at first, sort of, as when you shake the Magic-8 Ball and the “outlook not so good” appears in the tiny window.

Negatives are really never satisfying and you shake it again. But still, have faith and thank God for any position! I wait.

Do I see a faint shadow of a figure? Then, there’s a zipping noise in my head, traversing from left to right ear. Zipline? Phoneline? Inline? Online?

Someone or something is laughing. A Buddha-like figure, but with lots of reduced body weight? Something not figured, but flowing.

“And who are you”? I ask.

I am that, I am

Pretty convincing, as long as you are ok with a non-intellectual argument.

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