Lift Off

With a lift-off intention I jumped up to fly.
I was something like a grounded tree.

Taking flight was so very hard.
My guru counseled me.

With acquired implements
I tried to cut each stitch holding.

My intellect in truth was rather dull,
though Spirit bolding.

In hieroglyphic manual page 222
I intuited a hint, an incantation true?

Here for my scheming:
Fly O Fly O Fly O!

I recited it fortissimo for a week
in lucid dreaming.

Then my weighed body, my un-weighed soul
together recalled I suppose simply that God,
as for anyone, had intimated flight for me
(gratuitously gave).

In classical mind’s eye I spied
Icarus sploshing in a wave.

Then entered Aboriginal Self.
Whoa, Hello! I said,
shocked at showing

I know…. I know …. I know….
with ease — be natural, be still.

Unequivocally state
(this way make my start)
I need help.

I believed it
I spoke it

and then I sailed up and away
with surrender in my heart.

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