On Play (play on)

Just anticipating the first tap of the keys…what now I see is a “j” happening…has my heart rate jumping and my breath shorten. Am I excited? Yes, and quick place a governor on this awakened engine, and I’ve hardly started in my playing.

For me, stillness is the first condition of play and letting imagination roam about, like…. like….?

When I give permission and unlock the cage–Imagination simply roams landscapes. I move my fingers and spontaneous tap.

“What do you have to teach me?” I ask.

Stillness is the reply.
Breath awareness is reply. I breathe.

My one hundred trillion cells become aware that I am sensing their symphony of play. What a rock party. Who’s this? Beethoven dancing with Sylvia Plath?

I pick up on that event, as I see now — cells around my heart area are cheering their exit, to the veranda where they talk who knows what. Privately.

Can this be all there is? Playgrounds in micro?

Boom! I should have suspected the Milky Way Galaxy would insinuate itself and drawn me into death spiral.

Feels kinda good, like when I empty my breath to the bottom and sink through the azure breaking light of deep ocean, my two arms splayed out. Sinking slow. Loving. Completely check out and checked in at the same time.

My dog Mojo in his wisdom has just sighed. I hear and say Thank you! I like how he calls me home.

He’ll get his walk in about one hour. He plays as only he knows. I have no clue about that. He does bounce like Tigger. And that’s a wonderful thing.

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