Naming Love

Source Love, Love Divine, hear my voice.
Everything I have known, sensed, experienced, believed
leads me to one question: Who or what am I?

Out of the spiraling balance of equilibrium, expansion and contraction,
elements and stars, endlessly making; out of grand glyphs
and icons, circle geometries, light mysteries and questions unformed:
Isis Sophia, life force and the lotus flower—
Love, what am I, if I am not your perfection?

This is how I have dared speak in these changing days.
To confess that whenever I felt myself lost
to a place of unappeasable sadness I had set
my speck of faith to rest upon your wing.

Soon I saw your many children coming gleeful all about,
and they danced with my simple sensitivities.

To converse with you, I have had my musical instruments.
Three in beginner’s hand, though none to have preferred
—goat-backed African drum, carved tree of life.

Native cedarwood of fluted breath,
played with skipping fingers.

Hourglass shaped pine face,
with mahogany neck; its six strings
ticked and pulsed.

Together now, with other gesture let us interweave.
Be wide-spread like squalling rainfall,
gentle, as if to feed the mouths of baby birds.

And when things nameless or named have again closed me in,
hard press me for Truth with your questioning.

Ask where I hide Life and never cease asking.
Why do I fear my soul’s greatness, her stellar excellence,
abundance overflowing?

Ask why my will seems a web of played-out weakness.
Humility still my fresh and ill-fit coat.
My voice a plaintive cry?

In some distant dream, had I not perceived you with peaceful attitude?
Ferocious animal—-approach me now in my waking time.
Be Black Jaguar whose keen eyes fix on me.

Come sudden at once, slick
like a toothed razor flashing—
split my chest.

Break the chains of my forgetfulness.
Lace my flying fingers with the lightning strikes of heaven.
Dance souls into my body, this unity speaking.

When threads of my stayed convention have unravelled and whip about,
permit me imaginations — sweet improvisation,
body rush feeling.

Wave to me my sober soul,
my spine alive and awake,
my feet to adhere one ground—
core of my heart, power-streams,
nature’s elementals, pure dash sunlight.

Let this be the way we leap walls of proportion and number,
make round shapes multiply, covered spaces slice in two,
voice’s undertow.

Let this be how we cast lines into the darkness of self.
Has this joy outgrown my joy from long before?
I kindled and simmered with the fire my heart sang.

What is this happening? Happening to me now?

We two become One:
Bride and Bridegroom,
light our liaison.

Light upon light,
out of twin musics interfolding

Light within light, as lovers,
electric nearly with touching,
with fingertips, lips, but making no sound.

O, rare and sweet stillness, perfect peace –
how do I bear this portion happiness affords me?
How must I live?

Love answered and this I had heard–
Go to every city, go everywhere,
and tell the people: whoever you are
is bread to share. Now give.

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